Endothermic / Exothermic

What is the difference between Endo and Exo ?
The efffect that temperature has on the yield of products ? 

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What is an Endothermic reaction? Is energy given off or taken in? 

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Energy is taken in from the surroundings

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Is energy give off or taken in from the surroundings? 

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Energy is given off, usually as heat energy.

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Endothermic Closed System

In a closed system, what happens to the yield when there is an increase in temperature for an endothermic reaction? 

What happens when the temperature is increased? 

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An increase in temperature increases the yield or an endothermic reaction in a closed system. 

A decrease in temperature decreases the yield. 

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Exothermic Reaction

What happens to the yield of an exothermic reaction when the temperature is: 

  • increased?
  • decreased? 
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