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What is an emulsion and what are emulsifiers?                                                           

*Emulsions help make a misture of oil and water.                                                                

*Emulsifiers make sure that the oil and water cannot separate out. Almost every creamy  subsatnce, like ice cream, mayonnaise or milk, needs emulsifiers to be what it is.                  

    *Emulsions are also used in cosmetics, face creams, lipsticks and lip gloss. There is emulsion paint for indoors, which is a water-based paint with oil droplets dispersed throughout.                    

How an emulsifier works!

Hydrophobic (scared of water) The tail is attracted to oil.

The tail is a long chain hydrocarbon

Hydrophilic (water-loving) The head is attracted to water.

The head of the molecule is a group of atoms with a charge.

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