Employment opportunities

Full time -Advantages - assured income, promotion prospects, recognised achievements, paid holidays, social gains, car allowance, pensions, discounts.Disadvantages - Often hard to juggle with work life balance.Part Time -Advantages - good for women with young children, similar benefits to full time staff, similar pay level for similar jobs, easier to control work life balance so less stress, less responsibility.Disadvantages - less hours so less income that full time staff, less control over job.Self Employed -Advantages - Satisfaction from own success, control of own work hours, freedom to work when you want.Disadvantages - no company safety net, have to set out own tax, insurance, business plans. Need to market and advertise yourself, often need to pay people to find work, not part of a large team so less social gains.Casual -Advantages - often seen as a way into the industry, provides lots of different experience, lack of skills and knowledge accepted in casual roles. Disadvantages - hire and fire on daily basis, no job security and no secure income.

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Job share -Advantages - good for those who wish to work more than part time but less than full time or odd hours, often good for women with your children. Joint responsibility so less stress, social gains. Disadvantages - shared salary and conditions.

Voluntary -Advantages - a way into the industry through gaining experience, builds confidence and self esteem, meet new people, provides new challenges, sense of adventure and fun, making a difference in some aspect. Disadvantage - no income.

Seasonal -Advantages - experience in industry,good for students looking for quick income.Disadvantage - no job security, no future prospects in that job, no benefits such as pensions.

Apprenticeships -Advantages - learn new skills and gain qualifications, recieve a salary whilst working, gain experience. Disadvantages - None.

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