Employee Participation


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Reasons for employee partcipation

Businesses are required in law to consult with employees via representatives or trade union 

partcipation i.e appraisals can help businesses meet objectives by

a) increasing levels of motivation. employees feel more involved and cared for when thier opinion is taken in and cause productivity to rise

b) communication improves: good communication between managersband employees. Gives more committment from employees

c) better decision making: Employees will know mire about productivity the process and methods from experience and can make better decisions in these areas 

d) complying with the law: consultation is a legal requirement and if not followed will break or breach the law therefore reputation falls effecting recruitment

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collective bargaining and union recognition, works

collective bargaining involves managers and employees trade unions or representatives negotiating terms of employment 

union recognition is whe employer accepts unions terms and agrees to negotiate wiht them and conditiondof employment, 

quality circles are short meeings with group of employees during working hours where work related problems are discussed allowing managers to achieve more awareness of employees issues and concerns. 

Works council is a meeting with managers and employee representatives to discuss pay and working conditions and negotiate iisues such as changes in the work place . its a legal requirement in EU

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