emergent landforms

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coastal landforms and climate change

  • eustatic change - change in global volume of water. can be caused by:
    • varitations in earth's orbit
    • variations in amount of energy produced by the sun
    • changes in composition of the atmosphere - major volcanic erruptions, human polluntants
    • variations in the earth's tilt on its axis
  • isostatic change - changes in land level (not considered here)
  • emergent landforms - landforms shaped by wave processes during times of high sea level, and are exposed when sea level drops
  • emergent landforms appear when sea level falls 
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raised beaches and abandoned cliffs

  • raised beaches - areas of former shore platforms that are at a higher level than the present sea level 
  • abandoned cliffs - found behind beaches behind emergent coastlines. sometimes have cave-cut notches, caves, arches and stacks 
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modification of landforms

  • after emergence, landforms are no longer affected by wave processes because they are significantly higher than the water level
  • continue to be affected by weathering and mass movement 
  • predicted that chemical weathering will become more damaging due to current climate change problems
  • if sea levels rise, landforms will be suject to wave processes  
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