Elizabeth's relationship with Puritans (pre-1571)

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Needs them

1558/9 - heavily reliant upon Puritans as majority of country still Catholic

Deprivation of Marian clergy - meant she was reliant upon puritans to avoid serious manpower problems

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Her role

Puritans supportive of her role as Protestant monarch - saw her as Deborah, the Bibilical Queen who protected the Israelities in the wilderness

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Expecting gradual approach

Assumption that she'll begin religious changes gradually

Still some Catholic elements in religious settlement e.g. "Black Rubric" omitted - justification for banning people from kneeling at communion, Henrician ornaments and phrases in Eucharist unclear as to whether they imply transubstantion

Puritans tolerate these because assume Elizabeth will get rid of them

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