Elizabeth's Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

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  • Prestige
  • National Security
  • Economic Growth/Trade
  • Spread Ideology


  • Expand Territory
  • Alliance
  • Trade
  • War

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Breakdown of the Spanish alliance

  • 1560-relationship worsened
  • Trade war between England and the Netherlands
  • Tensions increase D of Alva arrives in Netherlands
  • Tensions increased by trade issues in N World.
  • 1568-Incident at San Juan. Drake attacked by Spanish. (SEADOGS-Pirates with Queens authority)

War With Spain.

  • 1585-Treaty of Nonsuch. Alliance with Dutch against Spanish. (7000 men under Leicster. Defensive. No to crush Spain)
  • Leictsers Campaign "Inglorius but effective" Sloan.
  • 1585-6 Drake leads an expedition it W.Indies to attack Spanish treasure fleet.
  • 1587- Cadiz, delayed Armada by a year. Singed king of Spains beard.
  • 1588 - ARMADA.

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French Alliance.

Counterbalance to the threat of Spain

Bad- Domestic opion, Hugenots, Don't wnat France becoming too powerful.

  • 1570- Marriage negotiations between Eliz and Anjou. Full military alliance in view
  • 1572- Treaty of Blois. Defensive alliance, French want more.(ALLIANCE ENDS ST BARTHOLEMS DAY MASSACCRE.)
  • 1575-Treaty of Blois renewed
  • 1579-Marriage negotiations with Anjou renewed.
  • Mid 1580's- Alliance with Hugenots not French. Treaty Of Jainville alliance between Spanish and Guise.
  • 1589-Full alliance with French (Henry IV Hugenot)

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1560- Alliance

1562- Uneasy Peace

1568- Alliance

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