Elizabeths Church Settlement

Church Settlement Revision. 1558-66

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Clear she would move back to Protestantism.

  • Legitamacy
  • Protestant upbringing. Tutor Robert Ascham.


  • Faced Catholic/Conservative oppossition.(H of L- Bishops bench, Leading Aristocracy D of Norfolk.)
  • Fear of Rebellion. (Pilgrimage of Grace Henry VIII, Western Rebellion Edward VI, Wyatt Rebellion Mary I)
  • Pressure(from Protestant exiles wanting reform)

Elizabeth wanted a 'Via Media' Settlement a middle way or compromise.

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Act of Supremacy and Uniformity.(1559)

Eliz established as Supreme Govenor of the Church.

Oath of supremacy drawn up all clergy and gove officials have to swear to. If not depried of posts. Not making matyrs. All Bishops bar Kitchner refuse as do 300 lower clergy.

Strict over Uniformity. Recuansy fines, Imprisonment for any other type of service.

Royal Injunctions(1559)

57 of tehm. Drawn up by Cecil.

Establish 'Via Media'

  • Catholic - No more destruction of altars, Wafers at communion
  • Protestant-Shrines and Pilgramidges banned, Clerical marriage allowed.

Establishing conformity and Control

  • Preachers have to be liscensed, All religious books ahve to be approved.

39 Articles Statement of doctrines published up be Convoction. Protestant. Eliz nit concerned about theology only uniformity. Only allowed 38 Articles published Transubstation oppressed.

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The Settlement In Practice.

The Bishops

Hoped to keep some Marian Bishops for conservatism. Suspicious of loyalty of ex bishops.

Archbishop Parker not an exile. (Used to be her mothers Chaplin) Closer to the Queen in terms of ideals for Church Settlement.

Elizabeth thinks Bishops should be

Disciplinary - maintain discipline, enforce settlement and obdience. Queen and Parker.

Pastoral- Encourage/support parish clergy and promote education in faith. Sandys and Grindal.

Bishops encouraged to reform from within by Calvin.

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Crucifix Controversy. (1559)

Eliz wants crucifixs on the altar of every church. Sandys and Jewel say they will resign. So Eliz backs down (Only real time) She needs the Bishops.

Church Lands.

Act of exchange in 1559. Queen has teh right to take church lands and revenues throretically in return for others. Queen used this to gain revenue and patronage. Oppossed by some bishops especially Sandys, saying she was impoverising the Church.

Vesterian Controvesy(1566)

Opossed by large amount of Bishops and Clergy Parker publishes advertisments. Insisted on conformity to Adiaphora ( doesn't matter to egt into heaven) Small compromise over Vestments Parish churchs only have to wear Vestments at special services otherwise surplices. Acts as Impotus for Puritans to move away from the Church.

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