Elizabethan England WHO'S WHO

Informmation on the important people and who they were.

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Mary 1 (Bloody Mary)

  • She was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon.
  • Mary is remembered for restoring Englad to Roman Catholoicism.
  • She had almost 300 religious dissenters burned at the srake, earning her nickname "Bloody Mary"
  • She married Philip 2rd of Spain and was childless.
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Philip 2rd of Spain

  • Devoted Catholic, who wanted every country to be Catholic
  • Married Mary 1st
  • King of the wealthest and most powerful contry in the world
  • Spain friendly with England but emenies with France
  • He ruled the nertherland and parts of Italy
  • His army was the stronges in Europe
  • Wanted to marry Elizabeth.
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Mary Queen of Scots (MQS)

  • Elizabeth's cousin and heir to the throne
  • Clamed she was rightful queen
  • Srong catholic had support from many English catholic & support from france
  • She was implicated in the murder of her husband
  • Arrived in Englad 1568 aged 26
  • Was a foucs of a number of plots
  • Finally excuted in 1587.
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Robert Dudley

  • Dudley was a memeber of Elizabeth's (E) privy Council
  • Dudley & E were childhood friends and he was a favourite of hers
  • His farther was excuted for plotting agaist Mary Tudor
  • He was a Purtian
  • Very Ambitious-dislike Willam, Cecil
  • E granted him monopoly of sweet wine
  • His wife died in suspisous circumstances
  • Stepfarther to Robert Daverveux, Earl of Essex.
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Fancis Walsingham

  • Gentry from Kent, well educated, memer of the privy council
  • A strong Purtian who fled abroad during Mary's reign
  • Spoken a number of languages and had contacts abroad


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