Elizabethan Plots


Northern Rebellion 1569

De Spes - Spanish Ambassador - in touch with MQS & disgruntled Northern noblemen

Spanish troops in Netherlands with Duke of Alva - refused to intervene until English carried out a revolt

Factional rivarly between Cecil and Duke of Norfolk

MQS would be declared (at least) heir to the throne of England

Duke of Norfolk surrendered - Durham taken, marched South, meted away when faced by Elizabeth's troops

800 commoners hanged

Elizabeth used opporuntiy to take firmer control of the North - Council of the North - Earl of Huntingdon

took threat from MQS more seriously

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Ridolfi Plot 1571

Florentine merchant settled in England - in favour of MQS plot of 1569

Ridolfi traveled to Alva and Pope to gather support - settled in Paris (double agent?)

plot to depose Elizabeth, marry MQS to Norfolk (in tower), put her on the throne

Cecil - Lord Burghley - gathered info through netwrok of informers & torture

leaders and accomplicies arrested - Norfolk sentenced to death 1572

De Spes expelled from England

MQS embarrassing threat - could not execute due to threat from Spain

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Throckmorton Plot 1583-4

Francis Throckmorton - English Catholic

acted as intermediary between MQS and the Spanish Ambassador Mendoza

was tortured and revealed details of the plot

Mendoza was expelled, Throckmorton was executed

until 1585 MQS imprisoned in various places - many years at Sheffiled Castle, Earl of Shrewsbury & Bess of Hardwick

transferred to Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire - Sir Amyas Paulet, stern Puritan

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Parry Plot 1585

William Parry - spy for Cecil on Catholics abroad

became a double agent 1582 - Plot to asssassinate Elizabeth  

returns to England 1584, pardoned

letter revealed that he was implicated in another plot to depose Elizabeth - he confessed

2nd March 1585 - executed for High treaon

Accerleration through Parliament of a Bill to ensure the Queen's safety

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Babington Plot 1586

Sir Anthony Babington, 25 year old Catholic - page to Earl of Shrewsbury

aim to assassinate Elizabeth - MQS to be Queen & restore Catholicism

July 1586 Babington wrote to Mary outlining 6 steps neede to free country from Protestantism

Walsingham uncovered plot - conspirators arrested and executed in Sept 1586

Special Commission found MQS guilty in OCt 1586

Elizabeth reluctant to have MQS executed - regarded her as a family member, and felt sympathy for her - careful not to support harsh treatment of fellow female monarch - unwise politically - Spain already planning an invasion

8th Feb 1587 - Fotheringhay Castle

Elizabeth raged - blamed Privy Council - Davidson blamed and put in tower - sent letter to James VI protesting her innocence

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