elements of music


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rhythm- pattern of beats

  • tempo- fast or slow
  • straight- accents on main beats/ syncopated- accents off main beats
  • cross rhythms- different rhythms played at the same time
  • meter- time signature 4/4 

melody- tune

  • the shape it makes- contour 
  • scale- set of notes used too write it

tonality- key 

  • gives a piece its mood 
  • major or minor 
  • pentatonic- five note scale
  • modal- religious like monks
  • atonal- mum singing
  • bitonal- two tunes playing together but different keys 
  • chors major, minor and diminished 
  • diminished- religious sound
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texture- way chords and melody are put together

  • monophonic- single melody line
  • homophonic- melody line and chords (harmonic)
  • polyphonic- melody lines weave in and out (contrapuntal)

dynamics- how loud things are

  • quiet- piano
  • loud- forte
  • crescendo- gradually get louder
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