Elements, Compounds&mixtures

Elements, Compounds&mixtures

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A compound contains more than one substance.

Compounds are formed when elements react or combine chemically. Eg. Magnesium+Chlorine --->Magnesium chloride.

If a compound has only TWO elements the name endes with IDE. Eg. NaCl- Sodium+Chlorine--->sodium Chloride.

If the compound contains MORE THAN TWO elements the name ends with ATE. Eg. FeS-Iron+Sulphur--->Iron Sulphide.

Elements are the simplest part of matter that cannot be divided any further by chemical means. Eg. Gold, Oxygen, Mercury&hydrogen.

An element is made up of the same type of atoms and cannot be changed into another element.

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Mixtures/atom/molecule/composition of air&why is a

Mixtures are substances that contain more than one substance. Most materials are mixtures. Mixtures cane be separated into pure substances.

Atom-Simplest type of particle that can exist on its own and take part in a chemical reaction.

Molecule-Combination of two or more atoms of an element or different elements.

Air is a mixture because it contains more than one substance. It contains mainly oxygen&nitrogen and a little bit of carbon dioxide&other gases.

Mg- Magnesium

Na- Sodium




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