Electronic Calculations

Potential difference

Ohm's Law

Potential difference (V) = current (I) x resistance (R)

V = I x R

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Potential difference triangle

Ohm's Law: V=IR. A triangle with V, voltage on the top; I, current on the bottom right; R, resistance on the bottom right (http://www.bbc.co.uk/staticarchive/aeb3c30d13a58307cc9d2b4cf9658160eb4d038b.gif)

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Potential difference rearranged

I = V / R

R = V / I

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Calculating resistance

The combined resistance of two resistors in series is the sum of the resistance values of the two resistors in ohms. The formula is:

R total = R1 + R2

  • Rtotal = combined resistance value (in ohms)
  • R1 = value of resistance in first resistor (in ohms)
  • R2 = value of resistance in second resistor (in ohms)
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