Explaining what is Electronegatvity

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Electronegativity - bond polarlity in covalent bon

Electronegativity:- is the power of an atom to attract the electron density in a covalent bond towards itself.

Electronegativity depends on:-

  • the nuclear charge
  • the distance between the nucleus is to the shared outer shell electrons
  • the shielding of the nuclear charge by electrons in inner shells
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Trends in electronegativity

  • As we go up the periodic table, electronegativity increases (atoms get smaller) and there is less shielding by electons in inner shells.
  • As we go across the periodic table, electronegtivity increases. Nuclear charge increases but the shielding stays the same, the number of inner main levels remain the same and the atoms become smaller.
  • Electroneativity decreases down a group as the numbe of shells increases, so shielding increases and the electrons are less strongly attracted to the atom.
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Polarity of covalent bonds


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