Electromagnetic Spectrum

The Electromagnetic Spectrum and what all the differnet areas are.

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The Electromagenetic Spectrum

Each of these waves have differnet wavelengths and frequencies giving them different properties. Some even have dangers.

Radio waves- large wavelength and low frequency. Wavelengths longer than about 10 cm

Micro waves- Used in comunication, shorter wavelength and higher frequency, DANGER absorbed by water molecules and heats them up- if this is in you cells cooks you!

Infra Red- Slightly shorter wavelength and larger frequency, used for detection in bergular alarms and TV romote controls, carries heat

Visible Light- Medium wavelength and frequency, light we can see, only dangerous if very bright as can damage retaners.

Ultra Violet- Shorter wavelength and larger frequency, releaced by the sun, used for checking forged bank notes, DANGER UV rays damage DNA in the cell causing skin canser.

X-rays- shorter wavelength and larger frequency, used in medicine to look at peoples bones,DANGER x-rays can cause mutations leading to cancer.


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Electromagnetic Spectrum 2

Gamma Rays- very short wavelength and very large frequencey, used to kill bacterea on hospital equiptment, used as a medical tracer as penetrates the body tissue so can be detected externally, DANGER as it can penertrate boy tissue it can reach the delicate organs inside the body and can cause cancer.

Wave speed equation

Speed= Frequency x Wavelength

(m/s) (Hz) (m)

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