Electro Magnetic Induction

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Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction is the process by which a voltage/ current) are generated by the kinetic energy of a rotating wire in the presence of amagnetElectromagnetic induction is used by machienes that detect metal pipes and wires in walls. For example a Generator (Dynamo) 

Electromagnetic induction produces an alternating current which is due to half of the coil rotating towards the magnet's north, and the other half rotating towards the south. The coil changes direction every half turn.

The higher the frequency of the wave peaks in an A.C vs time graph the higher the voltageand the higher the speed at which the coil is rotating.

To get a higher voltage, you can increase:    

  • The strength of the magnet
  • The number of turns of the coil
  • The speed of the coil's movement
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How is a voltage made...


  • what moves? the coil
  • the wire cuts the magnetic field lines
  • experiences a change in magnetic field 
  • Voltage is induced
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