Electricity and the Body

EDEXCEl from CGP book

Electricity and the Body

Muscle cells can Generate potential differences

  • Between the inside of a cell and the outside there is a poetential differnce
  • These can be measured with needle electrodes. 
  • Resting potential of a muscle cell is -70V

An electromyography machine detects electrical signals in the muscle

  • used for identifying problems
  • used as a training tool (help people walk again)

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EMGs (Electromyography)

EMGs meausre the Action Potentials of the Heart 

When the heart beats an action potential passes through the artia, making them contract. A secound later, an action potential passes through the ventricles, making them contract to. 

P) Arium contracts      QRS) Ventrical contracts & Arium rests       T) Ventrical rests 


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