A Physics Overview:

Equations to Remember:

V = I x R (Voltage is equal to current times resistance)

Q = I x T (Charge is equal to current times time)

E = Q x V (Power is equal to charge times voltage)

In a parallel circuit...
Current = A1 + A2
Voltage = V1 = V2
The total resistance of two resistors in less than R1 + R2

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Specific Heat Capacity

Specific heat capacity is the amount of enegery needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of a substance by 1°C.

Change in thermal energy = Mass x specific heat capacity x temperature change


  • A low resolution might lead to error.
  • Some heat will be dissipated into the surroundings,
  • To prevent this, an insulator can be wrapped around the block.
  • There also might be a gap between the immersion heater and the block so the air warms up and acts as an insulator instead.
  • To prevent this, the two holes in the block can be filled with water instead as it is a conductor.
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Unit Conversions:

1000 mm to a m.

1000 v to a kV.

A million j to a kJ.

A gigajoule is 1 to the power of 9 J.

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