Election Key Terms

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A process where people are given the opportunity to choose representatives who will form representative institutions and government 

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Electoral manifesto

A statement produced by a political party at election times, stating what policies it intends to implement if it gains power

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Electoral mandate

Refers to thee authority to govern granted to the winning party at an election by the voters. The mandate suggests that the government may implement the measures in its election manifesto (the doctrine of mandate and manifesto). It also implies that the government has the authority to use its judgement in dealing with unforseen circumstances (the doctor's mandate)

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Electoral system

A system that converts votes in an election into seats. May also refer to the process of electing a single leader, such as a president or a mayor

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Majoritarian representation

A political system which tends to throw up a government that enjoys a majority within representative institutions and therefore is able to dominate party politics 

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Strong government

  • A characteristic of political systems
  • E.g, UK
  • Executive dominates the legislature
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Stable government

  • Governments tend to survive full term
  • Unlikely to be removed between elections
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Majority systems

Candidate must win overall majority (over 50% of votes cast)

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Plurality systems

Winner does not require overall majority, just more votes than any other candidate

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Proportional representation

Votes converted into seats in a broadly proportional way

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Electoral reform

Changes made to electoral system or campaign for change

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