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thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) & thermoplastic rub

what is it

thermoplastic + Elastomer = TPE/TPR

TPE are a group of polymers that combine the properties of thermoplastics and elastomers.they often feel rubbery.


  • they can be processed like conventional thermoplastics e.g. injection moulded.
  • easier to manufacture over a thermosetting plastic as it is quicker to make the product.
  • all waste and scrap can be recycled.

Elastomers: elastomers have long-chain molecules that can be considered to be coils; when the material is distorted (compressed or streched) the materials distort, and when realeased they return to thier original shape. These coiled molcules give the Elastomers their elastic properties.

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Liquid silicon Rubber (LSR)

What is it

 Made up of 2 components, once combined it will harden. behaves like a thermosetting plastic.

manufactured:  similar to injection moulding. The ram forces the two liquids in the chamber & heats the polymers for cross-linking to occur.The polymers can the be formed into the prodeuct.


  • maintains insulating & elastomeric qualities over wide ranging temperatures e.g. -50 to 250 degrees.
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