Ekman et al 1976-facial expressions

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Ekman et al 1976-facial expressions

Aim: To find out there facial expressions that were the smae across different cultures

Method: They visited a tribe in new Guinea and selected those individuals who had, had minimum contact with western people they then asked them to display the facial expressions they would show if happy,sad, angry etc, these were video taped and shown to american students

Results: The students were able to correctly identify the emotions shown by tribesman

Conclusion: That there are facial expressions that are used by all aspects of the human race to show the same type of emotion and that they must have envolved and became innate within the human species. Research has shown them to be insighted people.

Evaluation:+Cultural study because it loooks at all different cultures and shows that we have different facial expressions to mean different things.

+It supports that there are innate emotions 

- Lacks ecological validity 

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