Effects of Asthma on PIES

Effect of Asthma on a person's physical, intellectual, sociology, and emotional health and wellbeing.

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Physical impact

Much more prone to viral infections and chest infections.

Allergies – Can cause asthma to flare up which would make a person feel very weak.


Feeling breathless (gasping for breath).


Tight chest.


Wheezing (Sounds like a whistle when you breathe).



Asthma attacks.

Asthma can further weaken old people’s immune system making them physically weaker.

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Intellectual impact

Lack of concentration if the person is worried that they may have an asthma attack.

If the individual is up all night coughing, they would lose out on sleep resulting in lack of concentration.

·         Students with asthma often miss more school than other children their age, causing them to have to do more makeup work and feel like they stand out from others.

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Emotional impact

Some may be upset about their condition.


May get depressed that they aren’t able to do the things that other people can do so easily.

Both children and adults might find that their asthma symptoms are more intense when participating in certain activities, resulting in them avoiding new endeavours for fear of an attack.

Medications that are commonly given to people with asthma often have side effects that can cause a sense of nervousness and uneasiness. 

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Social impact

Some people may be embarrassed about carrying their inhalers or medication in front of people.

Friends would need to be aware of your condition in case an asthma attack occurs.

May get left out of some activities e.g. sporting activities if they are likely to have asthma symptoms doing the activity.

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