Effects Of World War One



New Weimar Constitution 1919

Ebert President

Schiedmann Chancellor

1919 elections saw a coalition with the Z(centre) and DDP

1.4 billion in debt

universal sufferage- women can now vote

Kaiser no longer commander in chief

resentment of government

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Low morale

starvation and influenza, 283,000 deaths

2 milion deaths in WWI

Turnip Winter- 1917

Naval blockade

Jan 1919- Sparticist uprising

fighting in the street

value of th mark dropped by 75%

Workers and soilders concils set up

Fear of communism

stabbed in the back

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How did the war end?

October Reforms- End the rule of the Kaiser

Max Von Baden made chancellor

Army put under control of the government

Peace Note- sent by max of Baden to woodrow wilson asking for peace based on Wilsons 14 points, this meant that there couldnt be any empire, reduction in the armaments focused on self determination and there to be freedom of the seas.

No peace until the Kaiser abdicated.

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German Revolution

Max sent peace note- First time german peopl were made aware that they were losing the war.

3rd November 1918- Kiel Mutiny

6th November- soilder and workers council set up

9th November- SPD call for a strike

Max panics when republic is declared in Bavaria, Kaiser has fled

Shiedmann announced a republic

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