Effects and management of air and water pollution

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The causes of water pollution

  • Airports use water to dump untreated oil.
  • 800 million litres of untreated sewage go into the river every day.
  • Industrial waste goes straight into the river.
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Effects of water pollution

  • Fooding.
  • Metals and plastic clog up the drains and blocks them.
  • Toxic waste
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Solutions to reduce water pollution

  • Education projects to help people understand why they shouldn't dump rubbish in rivers.
  • Improving water supply, sanitation and drains.
  • The river was dredged to make it deeper.
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The causes of air pollution

  • Exhaust gases from vehicles.
  • Smoke from burning rubbish.
  • Factory chimneys pollute the air.
  • Burning fossil fules.
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Effects of air pollution

  • Breathing difficulties
    • Bronchitis
    • Asthma
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Solutions to reduce air pollution

  • The city has banned diesel as a fuel.
    • 58,000 taxis use compressed natural gas.
  • Main roads in and out of the city have been upgraded.
  • Less traffic congestion
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