Edward V and Richard III

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Edward IV Death

  • Edward IV died short notice leaving his 12 year old son Edward as the next heir.
  • As Edward is only 12 he is 4 years too young to rule independently and 5 years too old for everyone to accept the need for a protector - Richard of Gloucester.
  • Edward IV died in Westminister but his heir was in Ludlow while his protector (Richard) was in Yorkshire.
  • both made their way to London: Edward accompanied by his maternal uncle, Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers and armed escort.
  • Richard accompanied by an armed escort - on his way he met up with Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham.
  • Richard and Buckingham intercepted Edward V at Strony Stratford in Buckinghamshire before they could reach London - Richards plan was to secure custody of the King to ensure he controlled the events.
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Edward IV Death 2

  • Richard arrested 3 of the King's entourage - Rivers (Queen's brother), Richard Grey (Queen's son) and Sir Thomas Vaughan (welshman, private treasurer).
  • Secure from the 'Woodville threat', Edward was brought to London.
  • There was a debate whether Edward could rule without a protector - he could rule through a council of nobles, this idea was put forward by the Woodvilles.
  • OR, Richard could be incharge of the King.
  • If richard wasn't the protector of Edward then he would be introuble because of his recent actions but if he was protector then he would be incharge for only a few years.
  • So, Richard decided to Usurp the throne.
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How did Richard Usurp the Throne?

  • For Richard to claim the throne, he needed to bar Edward and his brother from the throne.
  • The Bishop of Bath and Wells claimed that both Edward and Richard were bastards therefore neither of them could become King.
  • Because of this, Richard cancelled Edwards coronation and later forced Elizabeth Woodville to hand over her other son to live in the Tower of London with his brother.
  • There was meeting in the tower with leading councillors - Lord Hastings was arrested and decapitated.
  • The other councillors thought that Richard was the rightful king.
  • After showing his power and cunning Richard was crowned on 6th July 1483 but wasnt confirmed by parliament until the next year.
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How did Richard Usurp the Throne 2 ?

  • 1940- Edward IV had been overthrown by brother (Clarence) and cousin (Warwick) - Richard went into exile with Edward.
  • Richard and Edward returned and fought alongside him at Barnet and Tewkesbury.
  • Richard led troops into Scotland.
  • After his father died he was on his way to exile in the low countries - a few weeks later his brother, Edward, was proclaimed kings.
  • Clarence and Warwick overthrew Edward leaving Richard in exile.
  • Although Edward's second reign had been peaceful enough, Richard's political mentality was shaped by these earlier events - So in 1483, he panicked.
  • Despite his enormous power, he believed the rumours of Woodville plots against his person and foresaw his own downfall unless he acted decisively.
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