Edward VI & relation with foreign powers

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relations with foreign powers under Somerset

Somerset’s foreign policy was dictated by Franco-Scottish relations.

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Henri II

  • Henri II became King of France in 1547. He renewed the Auld Alliance (an alliance between Scotland and France). He sent 4,000 troops to Scotland.
  • Somerset established a military base at Berwick.
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The battle of Pinkie

  • Somerset invaded Scotland with 20,000 troops, supported by 30 warships and 50 supply ships. In the west, 2,500 troops invaded from Carlisle.
  • The Scots were defeated at the battle of Pinkie, just south of Edinburgh.
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  • Mary, Queen of Scots was taken from Scotland to France to prevent her being married to Edward VI. Rather than divide Scotland and France, the policy had brought them together.
  • Although Somerset had control of the Scottish border region, he did not have the resources to occupy all of Scotland.
  • The cost was £600,000 that England could ill afford.
  • In 1549, he had to withdraw forces to tackle the rebellions in England
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relations with Scotland

  • Henry VIII’s will declared Edward VI was to marry Mary, Queen of Scots. Scotland did not want this.
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Relations with Foreign Powers Under Northumberland

Northumberland’s financial priorities were clear in his approach to foreign policy. There were cutbacks in troops on England’s northern border and in France, both of which were very expensive

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The Treaty of Boulogne 1550

  • The Treaty of Boulogne was a peace treaty between France, Scotland and England. It was a response to the Auld Alliance, which was costly to England.
  • It was also tactical because France was less anti-Protestant than the Holy Roman Empire.
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Terms of the Treaty of Boulogne

  • Boulogne was returned to the French.
  • England removed garrisons from Scotland.
  • The English-Scottish border was put back to that before Henry VIII began his campaigns against Scotland.
  • A marriage alliance between Edward VI and Henri II’s daughter Elizabeth was agreed.
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