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How Education changed for Boys

They learnt skills, e.g. orienteering and military drill.

They were encouraged to take fitness activities.

They were taught singing and party beliefs.

They played war games, rifle practice and hiking.

Boys studied maths and chemistry.

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How Education changed for Girls

They were taught how to care for young children and the home.

They were encouraged to take fitness activities.

They were taught singing and party beliefs.

Girls studied German, History, Geography and Race Study.

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How Teachers were Treated

All teachers were examined by the Nazis. Disloyal teachers were sacked.

Many attended classes during school holidays to learn the Nazi curriculum. 97% joined Nazi teachers association.

They had to be careful what they said or children would inform the authorities.

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How Jews were Treated

All Jewish teachers were dismissed in 1933 as it was 'undesirable' for 'Aryans' to be taught by Jews.

Some taught in Jewish until they were banned in 1942.

All Jewish teachers in 'Aryan' school were were gone by 1935.

Jewish children were insulted by teachers and students and were subject to malevolent injustices.

They sat at seperate desks and were forbidden from playing with the 'Aryan' children at break.

They had to attend Jewish schools to escape harassment.

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Impact on Universities and Colleges

Female students struggled to go to university as they only had a choice between domestic science and modern languages.

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Why Young People were so Important to Hitler

He wanted them to take over Nazi Germany.

He set up 'Hitler schools' to teach boys how to be future members of the Nazi party and how to follow Nazi traditions.

Hitler wanted women to be good mothers so that they would raise good Nazi children.

He made sure to only teach them subjects relavent to being homemakers at school and by made it hard for them to get into further education.

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