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What is it?

  • Universal obligations on state
  • Rights Belonging to all People because they are human
  • All persons are equal by virtue of their humanity, irrespective of race, nationality, or membership of groups 
  • Minimum conditions for human dignity and tolerable life
  • Founded on dignity , equality and respect
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United Nations

  • Established in 1945 after German persecution of the Jews
  • Aimed to preserve peace through international co-operation and collective serenity
  • Signed Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948
  • Monitors Compliance with treaties
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Rights of Child

  • The United Nations Convention Rights of Child adopted by UN General Assembly 1989
  • Local and Global Citizenship in Curriculum 
  • All children under age 18 and up to age of 21 are young person disability or in care
  • All human rights plus extra = 42 altogether 
  • Limits: Imperfect document - Vague - minimum standards not maximum goals - not enforcable 
  • Protection, Participation , Provision 
  • General Principles - Art 3: "Best interests of child should be primary concern" Art 12 - "Child who is capable of expressing his or her own views has the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child"
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Declaration on Human Rights

  • Universal Declaration on Human Rights - Aspirations - Not Legal
  • Elenor Roosevelt was Architect
  • Countries may sign up but its not a legally binding document
  • Article 1: " human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights"
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Included in Schools

  • Holisitc Educational Experience where children are taught about rights
  • Charter of Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Pupil Evaluations
  • Pupil Friendly Policies
  • Student Councils 
  • Prepare for life after school 
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Teaching Methods

For Human Rights:

  • Preparation for democratic and pluralist Society 
  • explore issues of inequality and justice
  • skills : languages : groupwork : Bias: stereotypes : acepting difference 

About Human Rights: 

  • Article 42: "Government should make convention known to all parents and children"
  • Article 29: "Rigth to an education designed to promote and respect Human Rights."
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Convention on Human Rights

  • European Convention of Human Rights signed 1951
  • Uk's Human Rights Act 1998, incorporated ECHR into domestic law
  • Anyone can take anyone to court if your rigths are infringed 
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Human Rights History

  • 1948 Declaration
  • 1960's - Martin Luther King 
  • 1968 - Human Rights Movement 
  • 1998 - Good Friday Agreement : Equality Comminsion 
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