Edexcel GCSE Music AoS 1: 'And The Glory Of The Lord' - Handel

Notes on 'And The Glory Of The Lord' by Handel, for GCSE Edexcel Music

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Baroque: from 1600 to 1750

  • diatonic harmonies
  • ornamentation
  • terraced dynamics
  • complex contrapuntal writing (sometimes)
  • orchestras made up of string instruments
  • use of continuo

Other composers: Bach, Vivaldi

'And The Glory Of The Lord' from Messiah: 1741

  • oratorio
  • performed in concert halls and theatres
  • first chorus
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'And The Glory Of The Lord'

Melody: based on 4 motifs

Harmony: diatonic

Tonality: A major, modulates to dominant (E major) and supertonic (B major)

Structure: no set form, combinations of motifs; ritornello

Forces: SATB; strings and continuo (cello + harpsichord/organ)

Tempo/metre: dance-like metre of 3/4; Allegro, general pause, adagio

Rhythm: use of hemiolas

Texture: alternates homophonic and contrapuntal; imitation; vary no. of parts

Word-setting: mixture of melismatic and syllabic; words repeated to emphasise

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Thanks Phoebe, really helpful! :) Sums the points up briefly but accurately. Much appreciated.

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