Edexcel GCSE Music - And the glory of the Lord Revision

Revision for an extended question on And the glory of the Lord from The Messiah by Handel


Harmony and Tonality

  • The piece is in A Major but modulates to E Major at bar 21 but it modulates back to A Major in bar 107
  • There are perfect cadences in bars 10/11 and 37/38 in E Major
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  • The melody is made up of four ideas:
    • "And the glory of the lord"
    • "Shall be revealed"
    • "And all flesh shall see it together"
    • "For the mouth of the lord hath spoken it
  • Both tonic and dominant pedal notes are used e.g. in bars 51 and 56
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  • There are very few dynamic markings on the score, there are some ps and fs between bars 17 and 68.
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  • The piece starts with just the accompaniment played bby the Violins, Viola and the Organ/Cello (Continuo Bass)
  • Then the texture builds up from Monophonic to polyphonic as the voice parts are added starting with the Altos and immitation begins to be used.
  • In bars 33 to 38, the texture is homophonic as all the voice parts sing the same thing together before they drop out.
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