Edexcel English Language Section A

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Question 1

UNIT 1 - Understanding and Producing Non-Fiction Texts

Question 1: What do you learn about...in the text? (8 marks)

In this question you need to state facts and say what these facts make us learn about the question subject. This will be based on Item 1. 

Some Tips I Picked Up:

  • Pick revelant and precise quotations
  • State what the quote caused you to learn
  • Use the facts and statistics
  • Infer (read between the lines) or (what deeper meaning could the quote have?)
  • Don't just repeat the text and tell a story, interpret it
  • Don't use your opinion
  • Always support with quotes (every point needs a quote)
  • Make about 4-5 paragraphs, a new point in each
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Question 2

Question 2: How do the headline and the whole picture add effectiveness to the text? (8 marks)

This question is all about the headline and the picture, describe what about the picture and the headline put emphasise on something in the text. For example when you are writing about the headline pick out language features it uses to give an overview of the text, this may a metaphor or more likely a pun. When anaylsing the headline you can also pick out things like elipses and bold or capitalised writing. In the picture you are looking for things like colours, how big something is in the picture and what this say about it, a certain camera angle and other ideas that could impact the readers interpretation of the picture. This will be based on Item 2.

Some Tips I Picked Up:

  • Describe what the features you picked out display (for example there is a lot of blue in the picture showing sadness)
  • What effect does this have on the reader? (so because there is a lot of blue in the picture, showing sadness, the picture give the reader an idea of what the people were feeling)
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Question 3

Question 3 - What are some of the thoughts and feelings of ...? OR What kind of mood is set...? (8 marks)

In this question you need to try to empathise with the text. Put yourself in their shoes. Explain what the people were feeling when a certain event happened or because of a certain event. Make sure that you cover the whole text when you're writing so you cover every paragraph or if the paragraphs are short and there are lots maybe every other paragraph. Write you Point which could be something along the lines of, when Jackie falls over we can see that she is in a lot of pain, then write your Evidence for this so, we can see this from the text as she uses the smilie "it hurt like my leg had been split in half", as you can see here I also said what Language Feature she had used, this will help in your answer, then you need to Explain what this shows, this smilie shows that she was in a lot of pain and that she needed help. This will be based on Item 3.

Some Tips I Picked Up:

  • Answer chonologically
  • Don't just recount what happen in the extract
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Question 4

Question 4 - Compare the two texts, one of which you have chosen. Compare the ways in which language is used for effect. (16 marks)

In this question you need to compare the two texts, one of which you have chosen. In this question you will have the choice of Item 1 and Item 2. Pick the one you think you are strongest with and you think you have picked the most from. Also look for similarities and differences, when you are picking the text, to Item 3 which will be the other text you will look at. Do a very quick intro on which two texts you are going to compare, just saying what format (newspaper or extract ect.) and any other important information you feel you need to put in. So when you start to compare make sure that you are putting both texts in each paragraph and comparing them. Say a similarity or a difference in each paragraph. PEE is important. Make your point (similarity or difference), back it up with evidence (quote and maybe what language feature it is) and then explain it (how does this have an effect on the text/reader). Its the hardest question but you can get the hang of it.

Some Tips I Picked Up:

  • Some comparitive phrases:
  • in both texts, on the other hand the other text, each text, however the other text
  • Don't make a point that they are similar topics, the exam board already know that
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