Ecotourism Case Study Galapagos Islands - Geog GCSE

ecotourism c.s. aqa paper 2

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The Galapagos Islands Introduction

  • There are 50 islands in the Galapagos Islands
  • 90% of the islands are designated as National Parks or marine reserves.

Tourists have to follow strict rules when visiting the islands

  • They arrive mainly by small ships that tour the island
  • They can only visit a limited number of places on the islands
  • A cruise costs £800
    -£25 goes to the Galapagos Conservation Trust 
  • The tour boats are owned by local people and only take 10-16 people
    -they are accompanied by professional local guides 
  • Visitors are prevented from causing damage
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Impact on the islands


  • The National Parks are supported and it generates an income


  • Some sites are over used
  • Oil spills from boats can pollute the area
  • The island's water supply is put under pressure

Environmental Impacts:

  • It's a very fragile environment - there are agricultural limitations
  • There are few opportunities for development
  • Ecotourism help develop the inhabitants sustainably

Economic Impacts:

  • Local people make a living - local businesses provide for the needs of tourists. They stay in guest houses. People are employed in guest houses and own boats for trips. People earn money acting as guides.
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Matthew Holmes


this is copied from the AQA textbook in case anyone want to know

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