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Benefits of Ecotourism

Ecotourism is a type of sustainable development, it aims to reduce the impact that tourism has on naturally beautiful environments.


  • The area visited will be conserved because the environment is an asset. Small scale means smaller groups so less pollution, resources used and physical damage.
  •  An example is the Amazon, it is important because it absorbs carbon dioxide.


  • Only locals are employed and wages are spent in local markeys.
  • Farmers are provided with new tourist markets.
  • Multiplier effect.


  • Locals can afford consumer goods.
  • There is better healthcare and education.
  • Fewer locals migrate to cities and this means that culture is preserved.
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How does ecotourism help sustainable development?

How does ecotourism help sustainable development?

Ecotourism helps contribute to sustainable development of an area.

1. Ecotourists visit the Amazon rainforest for it's environment...

2. ...and this means that ecotourism brings money to the area....

3. ...and this means that the forest and it's wildlife become economic resources and as does its culture...

4. ..and this means that local people, local governments and local businesses value nature and tradition more...

5. ...and this means that the environment and tradictional ways are sustained.

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Case Study: Yachana, Ecuador

Yachana is an ecolodge in Ecuador and is a basic, small scale, environmentally friendly hotel.

  • All tourists are provided with :safe drinking water, a private bathroom, meals made from local foods.
  • Most employees are local.
  • The lodge emplys Amerindian guides to show guests fauna and flora, habitats and ecosystems, how locals live.
  • Activities include: hiking, trekking, canoeing, making pottery and visiting local biological research centra
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