Economic Policies

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Measures to reduce unemployment

During the 1932-33 election campaigns Hitler had promised the people Work and Bread. Hitler’s intentions:

  1. Reduce unemployment
  2. Create jobs through rearmament (avenge the Treaty of Versailles and prepare to expand Germany)
  3. Create an economically self-sufficient Germany (Autarky).

The person responsible for implementing these ideas was financial expert and President of the Reichsbank, Hjalmar Schacht.

He was sacked in 1936, and Herman Goering replaced him, with the Four Year Plan (1936-40).

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Nazi Rent and Price Controls

The Nazis introduced controls over prices of food and rents for housing,which helped stabalize the economy. Receiving fixed prices fpr their produce helped farmers,and the Nazis provided over 60,000 new homes for workers. All of which had fixed rents. The Reich Food Estate controlled agricultural prices and imposed price freezes in the shops. However, small businessmen suffered from the effects of price freezes, and by 1939 almost 200,000 small shops had gone out of business. Nonetheless, most families benefited from controls on prices 

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