Economic miracle

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Was there an economic miracle 33-39


- Job creation schemes before came into power
- Autarky/economic self-sufficiency not achieved despite 4 year plan
- Reich Entailled Farm Law preveneted loans for modernising/migrated to towns 
- STJ scheme not all afford holidays/farmers lost land to fortifications + airfields
- Beauty of Labour improved conditions + had to pay in own time
- DAF not power wages/conditions, workers resented removal TU's, monitors workforce
- Rearmament expense of customer goods
- Wages frozen at 1933 levels - increase working hours + strikes over wages + conditions
- Economic depression - mid-30's word recovering depression
- Mittlestand (lower middle class) - small business + shop keepers lost to big businesses
- Unemployment figures - manipulated not including women + Jews (excluded economic sphere)
- Economic miracle - more evident in propaganda than reality
- Not all industrialists - benefitted w/ steel + coal lagging behind, resentment to increase gvt control

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Was there an economic miracle 1933-39?

+ Job creation schemes - other countries admired
+ Shortage of Labour - as unemployment fell
+ Reich Entailled Farm Law - prevented small/medium farms losing land/ farmers had debts written off - larger farms benefitted first
+ German Labour Front - provided training opportunities + vocational training/stable housing rents offered
+ Strength Through Joy - created leisure opportunities incl. holidays/workers compared themselves favourably w/ workers in other countries
+ Rearmament - industrialists + big businesses w/ links tended to do better/small businesses also did well
+ Major landowners - benefitted from demand for food
+ Big businesses - welcome regime + supported smashing of independent trade unions as workers had no real power to negotiate over wages and conditions

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