E-Book 1 - What is Sociology?

Overview of the first E-Book

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Sociology is..

Sociology is the study of how people live together in society.

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Society is..

  • Society is made up of all the human groups that we belong to.
  • Everyone is a member of a human group.
  • Human groups can be large = towns, sport supporters, religion
  • Or small = families, friends and villages
  • All the groups have seperate rules for how to behave and think
  • All of the groups affect us on how we act and think however we normally dont always realise it.
  • The study of these groups is SOCIOLOGY.
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Fact or Opinion..

  • Everyone has their own opinion on whether something is right, wront, true or false
  • Sociologists use evidence to talk about the world, they base their ideas on facts they know or on evidence
  • They keep their own ideas about what's right or wrong out of their work and try to understand why people think the way they do
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