East Devon - UK's ageing population

East Devon population

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - causes

•Better healthcare so people are living longer

– UK between 1980 & 2006 life expectancy rose by 2.6 years for women & 6.4 years for men.

•Currently 81.5 for women & 77.2 for men

•Lots of babies born in baby booms

•UK – 1940s & 1960s, the ones born in 1940s are now retiring age

 •Fewer births

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - Economic imp


• Lack of funding for state pensions and services such as healthcare.

The government use taxes paid by the working population to pay for the state pensions of older people and to pay for services such as healthcare and retirement homes. Taxes would have to rise because there are more pensions to pay for, and older people need more healthcare.

• The economy of the country would grow more slowly.

Less money is being spent on things that help the economy to grow, e.g. education and business whilst more is being spent on things that don’t help the economy to grow, e.g. Retirement homes.

• Less economically active so we may not have enough workers to keep the economy growing/buoyant. • More elderly people are living in poverty as the working population isn’t big enough to pay for a decent pension, and many people don’t have other savings.

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - Economic imp


• Development of new businesses aimed at taking advantage of the ‘grey pound’. E.g. Saga holidays.

• Some businesses will grow, e.g. construction as more homes are needed.

 • More jobs in services, e.g. healthcare.

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - Social impac


Healthcare services are stretched as older people need more medical care.

People will need to take more time off work looking after older family members – unpaid carers. This means that the working population has less leisure time and are more stressed and worried.

Birth rate may fall as people can’t afford lots of children when they have dependent relatives.

The more old people there are the lower the state pension provided by the government so people either work longer or suffer poverty.

Often old people live on their own and become very isolated, this can lead to inactivity which can lead to health problems.

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - Social impac


Role models for younger generation.

Pass on their experience, e.g. companies like B&Q like to employ older people who can help/advise re DIY.

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - UK governeme

  • Raise the retirement age, means people work longer so pay taxes longer and claim pensions for less time

- Retirement age was 65 for men and 60 for women from 6th April 2011 the law changed so you no longer have to retire at these ages you can chose to continue to work

- By 2046 the retirement age will be 68 for everyone

  • Encourage private pensions

- reduces dependency on state pensions

  • Encourage women to have children

- working family credits support women (& men) who go back to work. This makes it more affordable for couples to have children

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East Devon - UK's ageing population - UK governeme

- win win situation? - women return to work so pay taxes, birth rate rises so population structure becomes more balanced?

BUT is it sustainable???

  • Encourage imigration of young people to the UK
  • The UK has allowed the immigration of people from new EU countries in 2004
  • In 2004 around 80% of immigrants from the new EU countries were 34 or under
  • This increases the number paying taxes which helps to fund the state pensions and healthcare services
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