Earth's Crust

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Theory of Plate Tectonics - Alfred Wegener

  • In 17th century people noticed that South America and Africa looked like they fit together.
  • Suggestions that continents might once have been joined together but then moved apart, most believed continents were fixed in place.
  • In 1912 Alfred Wegener proposed thoery of continental drift.
  • He suggested that all continents were once joined as one supercontinent called Pangaea which drifted apart.
  • Based theory on geological evidence and fossil records, but couldn't back it up with mechanism that explained how continents moved.
  • In 1950s palaeomagnetism provided evidence supporting continental drift.
  • In 1960s process of sea floor spreading was dicovered - provided mechanism for continental drift.
  • continental drift theory developed further by scientists after these findings. It grew into the theory of plate tectonics.
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