Earth's Story

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The clock

Think of the time from when Earth was made:

  • Make it into a clock
  • 4.5 billion years = 12 hours
  • Earth began at noon it is now midnight
  • Single-celled organisms =  first organisms =2.40 pm
  • First plants=10.44pm
  • First dinosaurs=11.23pm
  • First species Humans = 20 seconds before midnight
  • Homo sapiens = 2 seconds before midnight

Humans have been here hardly any time at all

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Humans migrating and Ice age

Humans first appeared in EAST AFRICA. They began to migrate from there about 60,000 years ago. Migration was slow but people still spread all over Earth. 

Migration period = Ice Age:

  • Massive ice sheets thousand of metres thick.
  • Earth's water was frozen = sea level much lower
  • Humans migrated across continents using LAND BRIDGES 

e.g 15,000 years ago humans migrated on a land bridge between Asia and North America.

Ice age:

  • Lasted for Thousands of years
  • Ice sheets grew and retreated
  • Humans reached Britain = 40,000 years ago - but they had to move south again to warmer parts of Europe
  • 12,000 years ago Humans came to Britain = last ice melt
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Skin and languages

When humans lived in Africa = dark skins = dark sunlight

Northern countries = light skins = dim sunlight

Languages were created before leaving Africa

There are thousands of languages today.

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Earth's Story

Universe: 13.8 bn years old

Earth: 4.5 bn years old

Earth formation: Rocks merged together

Moon formation:  

  • Smaller planet struck Earth
  • Flung Rocks and dust into space
  • Gravity pulled them together

Fossils tell us:

  • You can find age of fossil
  • Can find traces
  • footprints
  • remains of plants and animals
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Big Bang

Tiny dot = condensed matter                                                                                             


Too much matter = Boom = expansion of dot


The sun was formed


Earth formed = clumped rock which stays together because of the sun


Moon formed

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Big Bang continued

Earth surface cooled


Oceans are formed


Living cells appeared

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Periods and Eras

Quaternary = Period we are in + Humans first appeared 

Precambrian Eon:

  • the oldest period of time on the geological time scale
  • covers most of the time since Earth began
  • single cells and first animals

Coal formed in = Carboniferous period + Paleozoic era

Dinosaurs = Mesozoic era 

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