Earth's life support systems

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Amazon Rainforest


Temperature is consistent all year round, the forest has a low latitude with high rainfall. 

Geology- impermeable rock, water can't infiltrate making movement between stores rapid.

Relief- extensive low lands. In the west the Andes create a steep catchment with rapid run off.

Temperature- high temperatures with fast evaporation.


Since 1970 1/5 of the primary rain forest has been destroyed.

Water cycle- 2000-2012 30,000 km^2 deforested. Madeira river flooded in April 2004 causing 60 deaths and a cholera outbreak.

Carbon cycle- 60% of the carbon in the Amazon is stored in trees, due to deforestation large amounts of carbon are being released.

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Artic Tundra


8/9 months= negative heat balance, low biodiversity. Growing season= 3 months

                        Water cycle                                      Carbon cycle

Generally  Low precipitation (200mm/year)             More carbon released in summer as the 

                  Permaforst limits infiltration                    active layer thaws

Physical   Winter= water stored as ice                       Most carbon stored in permafrost                                 

                 Summer= meltwater pools                       Carbon stored in biomass is low- low temp

Human    Water taken from rivers reduces run off    Building of extraction plants= release CO2

Management:Builidings and pipelines elevated to allow cool air to circulate, protecting permafrost. Refrigerated supports used to stabalise permafrost temperature.                                                          

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