AQA The restless Earth GCSE Geography A textbook

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Where and why do earthquakes occur?


  • Earthquakes occur at Plate margins
  • At Destructive plate margins - pressure of the subducting and melting plates are release and cause a powerful earthqake
  • At Constructive boundaries - tend to be less severe The friction cause by the plates moving apart causes an earthquake
  • At Conservative plate margins - greater strength, the plates slide past each other and stick for periods of time which causes stress and pressure to build. The release results in an earrthquake
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Measuring Earthquakes

The Richter scale - Every time the scale increases by 1 it means the volcanos strength has increased by 10.

The Mercalli Scale -

I - barely felt

V - felt by almost eveyone people sleeping are awakened

VII - considerable amount of damage to weak structures , most people run outside

X - Few structures survive, most foundations destroyed, avalanches flooding ect.

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