Earthquake MEDC Case Study - Geography GCSE

Using the Kobe earthquake to look at the cause, effects and responses of and earthquake in a more economically developed country (MEDC)

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Kobe Earthquake - Cause

Location: Kobe, Japan
Date: 17th January 1995

Destructive/Collision plate boundary
- Philippines plate shifted under the European Plate

Lead to an eathquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale

Shallow focus - violent shaking
tremors lasted 20 seconds 

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Primary Effects

  • Over 6,400 killed
  • over 40,000 seriously injured
  • 300,000 made homeless
  • Gas mains ruptured
  • Water mains fractured
  • Sections of elevated roads collapsed - e.g. The Great Hanshin Expressway
  • Railway lines buckled - only 30% were usable

Secondary Effects

  • Fires in the city
  • 2 million homes without electricity
  • 1 million home had no water for 10 days
  • Damage estimated at $220 billion
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Primary Responses

  • Volunteers searched for people
  • Hospitals struggled to cope

Secondary Responses

  • Rebuilt the road system
  • New designs that all new buildings must have for safety
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