Earth And Environment Short Course

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Global Warming

Global Warming

        Caused by growing imbalance in the atmosphere

        Amounts of carbon dioxide are increasing because of combustion of fossil fuel for energy and deforestation

Destruction of Habitat

        Caused by deforestation and destruction of rainforest

        Causes extinction. Other causes of extinction: uncontrolled hunting, disease, pesticide, weed killer

        The forest is useful and after being cut, it will not appear again

        Extinction shall affect the food chain which may lead to extinction of other species

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Environmental Concerns

Other Environmental Concerns:

        Light/noise pollution

        Extreme weather



        Water pollution (oil spills)

        Melting ice caps

        Acid rain

        Soil erosion

        Rising sea levels

        Nuclear weapons

        Open cast mining

        Whale hunting



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Religious Views

All religious views

        God created the world

        The world belongs to god

*        We should take care of the environment

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        ‘rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves in the ground’ Genesis we are responsible for caring for the world

        Humans are given stewardship (the power to take care) of the planet.

        The Assisi declaration states that if we destroy the world, we are destroying ourselves

        A Christian will support environmental groups

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        ‘If there is but one tree of flowers and fruit within a village, that place is worthy of your respect’ Mahabharata. Krishna compares the world to a tree, because it houses everyone

        The world was made from Brahma’s body so if you are abusing it, you are abusing Him

        Abusing the environment is going against ahimsa

        A Hindu will promote environment rights, they will try to conserve energy or be vegetarian

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