Early threats to Harold's throne

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Edward's death and early claiments

  • Nightmares about England being consumed by the devil
  • Last act seemed to be to appoint Harold as successor
  • Dying words were the most solemn possible.
  • 1051, pledged the throne to William
  • Edmond Ironside killed by Canute, grandson Edgar Aethling
  • Hereditory claims were not as important as the Witan
  • Hardrada was another oppertunist, king of Norway
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The Witan and the coronation

  • The Witan chose Ed with all leading magnates and clergy in Westminster.
  • Dying words, Harold's character and Edgar's youth meant Harold was chosen.
  • He was crowned the next day as a coup d'etat
  • He would be able to protect England from the Danes and was experienced
  • Normans show bishop Stigand (appointed twice archbishop and bishop of London) who was condemmed by the Pope and did not have a Papal Pallium. 
  • English sources show a different archbishop with a Pallium crowning him. 
  • He minted new coins with 'PAX' and married Eadgyth (Edwin and Morcar's sister).
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The Battle of Gate Fulford

  • Halley's comet showed either something great or something terrible.
  • Harold was prepared to fight. 
  • Tostig and Harold invaded and pillaged the Isle of Wight and the south coast. 
  • Hardrada was an experienced fighter from Byzantium.
  • Harold summoned his Fyrd and prepared Edwin and Morcar.
  • Tostig had attacked with Norman ships, so Harold stationed his army near the channel.
  • He kept his fleet standing for 4 months.
  • Harold's 300 fleet attacked York, but Edwin and Morcar stopped Tostig rallying Northern support. The Northern earls were inexperienced and failed, losing 1000 men.
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The Battle of Stamford Bridge

  • After losing the northern earls' men, Harold assembled his housecarls.
  • He covered 300km in 5 days, and took them by suprise.
  • He attacked the enemy camp at Stamford bridge.
  • The Vikings were not wearing thier mail.
  • First, a group of Vikings defended the bridge, then they fought on the Bsttle Flats, when Harold was killed. Finally, Viking reinforcements came but were hunted down.
  • Hardrada didn't have time to form up his army, and they didn't have armour.
  • Harold also collected recruits on his march and had more soldiers.
  • Harold's reinforcements were exhausted when they arrived. 
  • The loss of Hardrada and Tostig lost them thier leaders.
  • This shows English military strength and stopped the last Norse invasion. 
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