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changing to stay the same

inside your cells thousands of chemical reactions ar4e keeping you alive. but for your cells to work properly they need certain conditions. keepng conditions inside your body the ssame is called homeostatis

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changing to stay the same


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your body must work hard to

keep a constant body temparture

keep the correct levels of warter and salt

control the amount of nutrients, for example glucose

take in enough oxygen for respiration

get rid of toxic waste products, for example co2 and urea

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control systems

premature babies cannot control their tempareture, so they are put in an incubator. the incuator is an artificial control system.

the control systems keeping a steady state in your body work in a similar way to artificial to artificial control systems

all control systems have:

a receptor,which detects the stimuli (the change

a processing centre, which recieves the information

an effector, which produces an automatic response

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how does the incubator work

an incubator has a tempareture sensor, a thermostat with a switch and a heater

 the temparetureinside the incubator is detected by the sensor. if the tempareture falls, the thermostat switches on the heater when the tempareturegets back up to 320c, the hermostat swithches of the heater.

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what about your body

some of the temperature control in your body is automatic too. for example, you do not consciously decide to sweat when you are hot. but you can also consciously control your temparture by doing things like putting a coat on or taking it off, or moving between a sunny or shady place.

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control systems with more than

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