Duration AO2


Duration AO2


Validity- doesnt apply to everyday life= no interest/ ecological validity 
Duration may be shorter- Marsh et al/ participants may of known about recall/ similar test/ 2 seconds when forgetting occurs
Duration may be longer- Nairne et al/ same items across trial/ 96 seconds in STM


Generalisability- Shepards= no interest/ Bahrick= some participants may of seen classmates

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Capacity AO2


Capacity may be more limited- Cowan/ reviewed variety of studies/ limited to 4 chunks
Individual differences- Jacobs/ digit span increased with age/ 8year= 6.6 digits/ 19year= 8.6 digits/ strategies hekping improve digit span (e.g. chunking)
RWA- Baddeley/ postcodes/ is initial letters are meaningful = easy to remember/ digits easy to remember placed between city name & numbers

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