DT year 9


Nuts and Bolts


Coach boltExample (http://technologystudent.com/images2/bolt1.gif)

This type of bolt has a small head that allows it to fit/locks into the wood slightly allowing it to be a tight fit.

Hexagonal Bolt(http://technologystudent.com/images2/bolt3.gif)

Two spaners are needed to tighten these. One on the bolt and one on the nut. (With nuts and bolts you only ever tighten the nut)

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Nuts and bolts 2

Wing nuts(http://technologystudent.com/images2/bolt5.gif)

The Machine screw is held in place whilst the wing nut is tightened. The wing nut is the easiest nut to tighten.

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Metal sections


ROUND SECTION(http://technologystudent.com/images4/rnd1.gif)

HEXAGONAL SECTION(http://technologystudent.com/images4/hexsec1.gif)

SQUARE SECTION(http://technologystudent.com/images4/sqsec1.gif)


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Metal tubes

ROUND TUBE(http://technologystudent.com/images4/rnhol1.gif)

HEXAGONAL TUBE(http://technologystudent.com/images4/hexhol1.gif)

SQUARE TUBE(http://technologystudent.com/images4/sqhol1.gif)

L-SECTION TUBE(http://technologystudent.com/images4/lhol1.gif)

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