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something used to stick things together

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study something to discover and evaluate its features

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body measurement data

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a set number of identical products that are made together

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binding is used to hold sheets of paper together in the form of a book

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something that will decay over time

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thick paper weighing over 200 grams per square metre (200gsm)

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british standards institution. it sets standards for the quality and safety for products and methods. a product that meets these standards can display a ktemark

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built in obsolescence

when something is designed so that it becomes useless or out of date quickly

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CAD- computer aided design

CAM- computer sided manufacture.

designing and manufacturing using a computer

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colour fusion

when tiiny dots of diferent colour really close to gether blend into a new colour

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complementary colours are found at opposite each other on the colour wheel

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contrasting colour are colours that stand out against each other

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legal protection which prevents copying of written, draw or recored work

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corporare identity

the image people have o a company

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with a rided or grooved surface

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drawing in 3D by starting with a box and taking bits off and adding bits on  

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design brief

the instructions that the client gives to the designer about what they want the product to be like

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design specification

a list of conditions that a product should meet

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easy and comfortable for people to use

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finishes protect a product from dirt and damage and improve its looks

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a inite resource is one that will run out eventually

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fixings are used to hold diferent parts of a product together

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free hand

drawing without using any equipment - only a pencil

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max allen


when tiiny dots: tiny not tiiny 

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