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Drug testing

scientist are constantly developing new drugs. These need to be throughly tested.

  • Drugs are tested in the lab to find if they are toxin
  • They are then trialled on human volunteers to discover any side effects and what the highest safe dose is
  • They are then tested on people who have the illness it is meant to treat to find out if it makes people feel better

Thalidmide is a drug that was developed asa sleeping pill. it was also found to relieve morning sickness in pregnant women.it had not been tested for use in pregnant women. unfortunatly,many babies born to mothers who took the drug were born severe limb abnormalities. the drug was then banned.it is now used to treat leprosy.

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what are drugs?

Drugs change chemical processes within the body thereby changing the way in which the body works

How do drugs effect us?

  • drugs effect the way in which the brain and nervous system works. People who enjoy these changes get addicted, as the body cant work properly without them

Addiction-you do somthing and can not stop doing it

Withdrawal symptoms- when the body needs the drug and you stop taking it you have symptoms

What is a gateway drug? drug that leads to dangerous drugs

Medicinal drug- helps people feel better when they are ill and cure diseases

Recreational drug- drugs that people take, not because they need to but because thhey want to.

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