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Beneficial or Harmful

Most drugs are chemical substances that affect the central nervous system.

They cause damage in psychological behaviour, be addictive.

Some drugs can be used as medicine, and you can recieve them over the counter at a pharmacy.

Some people get addicted to drugs and if they stop taking them, they can go throughout withdrawal symptoms.

Tolerance also happens with drugs, this is where your body gets used to taking drugs and then needs a higher dose to give the same effect.

If someone is addicted to a drug but wants to get off it, rehabilitation can help,this is where you get help and support to end an addiction.

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Different Types:

1) Depresssants,


These decrease the activity of the brain, slows down the responses of the nervous system causing slow reactions and poor judgement of speed and distance.

2) Stimulants:

Nicotine, Caffeine

These increase the activity of the brain by increasing the amount of neurotransmitters at some neurone synapses. Increases speed of reactions and makes you feel more alert and awake.

Stimulant drugs are often used to treat depression.

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Different Types Cont:

3) Painkillers:

Morphine, blocks the nerve impulses going to the brain

These decrease the feeling of pain. Different painkillers work in different ways.

4) Hallucinogens:


They distort what's seen and heard by altering the pathways nerve impulses normally travel along.

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